Customized House Cards and Painting

Customized House Cards and Poster/Painting

(Personalized card shown in sleeve with envelope)

Have you ever longed for a painting to hang on your wall
commemorating old memories of a childhood home?
Or perhaps as a gift for someone moving into a new home?
Or maybe as an advertisement for a business?
Here is your opportunity!

Send me your high-resolution photo of the house.
Specify what size painting you would like (up to 11×14), and whether you want ink outlines or just watercolor.
Additionally, if you want a pet or people added in, send photos which include these or are in a separate photo (no more than five subjects, please).
The animals and people will not be the main focus of the drawing, however you may specify if you want them in a particular place.  No immodestly-clothed people, please.

I charge $15.00 an hour for the work on the painting.
(Allow for six to ten weeks.) Hours may vary from 8-18 hours of labor.
$10.00 for an extra 11×14 poster print.
$1.50 per card & envelope. (Specify if you desire names on the cards or print.)
$1.00 per card when you buy 5 or more.

If you are interested in purchasing, write and let me know your order details, including your address.  I will let you know the shipping amount at that time, and we can discuss time length, etc.

Then send your payment to my e-mail address through Paypal:, or use this link:  (The name Ann Merritt will appear, which is correct.). and I will send it to you as soon as possible.


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